Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Move Mailbox New-MoveRequest StatusDetail StalledDuetoCI


Try to moving mailbox from one DB to other When we try to move requests mailbox in Exchange 2013 SP1 from one DB to other we need to with a long time and no success result. Open Exchange Management Shell and type the command New-MoveRequest -Identity "mailbox" -TargetDatabase DBDATANAME If you get the result the StatusDetail field changes to "StalledDuetoCI" it sits here for hours on end Event ID: 1009 Event ID: 1010 1.Create a new Active Directory group that is named "ContentSubmitters" and then grant Admistrators and NetworkService full access to the group using the Security tab on the AD object. This is a dummy group and should be used as a placeholder only. You...
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Exchange 2013 Move public folder mailbox to different mailbox database

01/04/2015 New-MoveRequest -Identity "pfmailbox" -TargetDatabase PFDATA Get-MoveRequest -Identity "pfmailbox" Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity pfmailbox | Format-List Status Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed | Remove-MoveRequest Mor: