Exchange 2010 Sp2 Error To Owa Login User The item can't be opened because it's become corrupted


היום אני נתקלתי בבעיה יפה מאוד ואני רוצה לשתף אתכים. הבעיה היא שמשתמשים שהיו נחנסים לOWA מכניסים שם משתמשים וסיסמה היו מקבלים את ההודעה הבאה: The item can't be opened because it's become corruptedלהלן הפתרון - יש להכניס לAD וקליק ימני על משתמשי מאפיינים לגשת לACCOUNT ולבחור את שם הDOMAIN ) UPN ) וזהוא בהצלחה
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PowerShell List Domain Users Logon Time


Copy script To Notepad$NumDays = 0 $LogDir = ".\Users-Last-Logon.csv" $currentDate = ::Now $currentDateUtc = $currentDate.ToUniversalTime() $lltstamplimit = $currentDateUtc.AddDays(- $NumDays) $lltIntLimit = $lltstampLimit.ToFileTime() $adobjroot = '' $objstalesearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher($adobjroot) $objstalesearcher.filter = "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(lastLogonTimeStamp<=" + $lltIntLimit + "))" $users = $objstalesearcher.findall() | select ` @{e={$};n='Display Name'},` @{e={$};n='Username'},` @{e={::FromFileTimeUtc($};n='Last Logon'},` @{e={$adspath=$;$account=$adspath;$account.psbase.invokeget('AccountDisabled')};n='Account Is Disabled'} $users | Export-CSV -NoType $LogDirAnd Save The File As To All Files Logon.ps1Done:-):-)

אם אתם משדרגים שרת דואר 2003 ל2010 ונתקלתם בהודעה זו:


להלן הפתרון Remove the FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 e-mail account by using the ADSIEDIT tool. To do this, follow these stepsClick Start click Run type adsiedit.msc, and then click OKLocate the Default Naming Context node and then locate to the CN=Users containerLocate and then right-click the CN=FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 container. Then clickDeleteעיין גם כאן:בהצלחה
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Exchange 2010 SP2 Event ID 4999 Event ID 64772 Msftefd.exe process crashes


Exchange 2010 SP2 with Rollup 4 or a later update rollup that is earlier than Update Rollup 6Source: MSExchange CommonDate: DateEvent ID: 4999Watson report about to be sent for process id: Process ID, with parameters: E12, Build Type, Version Number, ExMSFTE, M.E.Search.ExSearch, M.E.S.Crash.CrashNow, M.E.Common.FailFastException, XXXX, Version Number.ErrorReportingEnabled: FalseLog Name: ApplicationSource: MSFTESQL-ExchangeDate: DateEvent ID: 64772Task Category: MSFTESQL ServiceLevel: ErrorKeywords: ClassicUser: N/AComputer: ComputerDescription:The filter daemon process MSFTEFD exited unexpectedlyLog Name: ApplicationSource: MSFTESQL-ExchangeDate: DateEvent ID: 1053Task Category: MSFTESQL ServiceLevel: ErrorKeywords: ClassicUser: N/AComputer: ComputerDescription:The system exception c000010a was raised at 000007FEF99D0F16These events are created, because the incorrect file name extension causes process...
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RBAC authorization returns Access Denied TO EMC Exchange 2010


FixOpen Windows PowerShell not the Exchange Management ShellIf you have UAC enabled right click Windows PowerShell and click Run as administratorRun Start-Transcript c:\RBAC.txt and press enterThis will start logging all commands and output you type to a text fileRun Add-PSSnapin *setup and press enterRun Install-CannedRbacRoleAssignments -InvocationMode Install -Verbose and press enterThis cmdlet should create the required role assignments between the role groups and roles that should have been created during setupRun Remove-PSSnapin *setup and press enterAnd
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שדרוג שרת דואר-Exchange 2003 ל- 11Exchange 2010


יש להתקיןinstall the Office 2010 filter pack on the new server ולהרחיב את הסכמה C:\exchange2010install\ /PrepareADואחרי ההתקנה של הEXCHANGE 2010 יש להריץ את הפקודות האלוGet-EmailAddressPolicy | where {$_.RecipientFilterType –eq “Legacy”} | Set-EmailAddressPolicy –IncludedRecipients AllRecipients Set-AddressList “All Users” –IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers Set-AddressList “All Groups” –IncludedRecipients Mailgroups Set-AddressList “All Contacts” –IncludedRecipients MailContacts Set-AddressList "Public Folders" -RecipientFilter { RecipientType -eq 'PublicFolder' } Set-GlobalAddressList "Default Global Address List" -RecipientFilter {(Alias -ne $null -and (ObjectClass -eq 'user' -or ObjectClass -eq 'contact' -or ObjectClass -eq 'msExchSystemMailbox' -or ObjectClass -eq 'msExchDynamicDistributionList' -or ObjectClass -eq 'group' -or ObjectClass -eq 'publicFolder'))}   בהצלחה
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