Manage and Monitor On-Premise Private Cloud and Cloud Applications seamlessly…the all new System Center! (VIDEO)

31 במאי 2012

The other day, I was asked about how to manage and monitor applications from Development to Production…and how can we monitor the application in each of the standard development lifecycle environments…DEV, TEST, Staging and PROD (or whatever you might have in your environment…)

System Center 2012 and the various components all come together to manage (Build, Scale, Update) and Monitor (Infra, Networking, Server Application Performance and Client Application Performance…amongst many other capabilities…)

I found a few great resources that I wanted to share with you, and I really think that you will like what you see…dynamic systems have really come a long way…and taking a DEV application and deploying to STAGING in the cloud then PROD in the cloud is pretty amazing!

Hope you enjoy!



System Center App Controller 2012 Capability Walkthrough

How to monitor your Windows Azure application with System Center 2012

System Center Monitoring Pack for Windows Azure Applications

Videos on Managing and Monitoring:

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