Some Links for My WCF Students

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Among the many things I do, I teach several courses including C#, .NET Framework, LINQ and WCF, and this post is intended mainly for my WCF students. Of course, feel free to browse the links even if you are not one of my current students – I promise they include some interesting WCF material. :) WCF 4.0 Samples – for simple discovery samples, browse the “Basic”, “Configuration” and “AsyncFind” samples under “WCF\Basic”. Juval Lowy’s Pub/Sub pattern. Juval Lowy’s article on WCF 4.0 Discovery. Extending WCF. ...
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WCF in Real Life with Juval Lowy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Thursday I had the pleasure to attend a one day seminar on “WCF in Real Life” with Juval Lowy. The day was organized by Gadi Meir, and was composed of discussions on many issues in WCF including: Hosting WCF Services Handling Faults and Errors Extending the WCF Extensions Queued Services WCF 4.0 Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus (aka .NET Services Bus) And more… As always it was very interesting to hear Juval speak and...
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Sela Developer Practice – Demos & Slides

The Sela Developer Practice (SDP) took place this week at the Crown-Plaza hotel in Tel-Aviv with many presentations on various topics. Sasha and I gave two presentations on Tuesday – one on “Parallel Programming with .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010” and an additional one on “Building Workflow Services with WF 4.0 and WCF 4.0”. Parallel Programming in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 In this presentation Sasha and I presented the new Parallel Programming paradigms available in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, including the Task Parallel Library (TPL), the Parallel class, Parallel...
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WAS Listener Adapter Hang

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This post was written after I wasted invested several hours in getting a non-HTTP WCF 4.0 workflow service hosted in the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS), in hope that the next person who stumbles upon this would find it in Google Bing or something… Assume you want to host a WCF 4.0 service in WAS on a Windows 7 environment. Lets further assume that this WCF service is non-HTTP activated, meaning that it uses TCP, MSMQ or named pipe bindings. One of the steps required for accomplishing the above is starting an appropriate listener adapter service for the...

PDC 2009 Day 3: Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In this PDC session, Mark Fussel, Program Manager at Microsoft, spoke of creating Workflow Services in .NET 4.0, and hosting and deploying them on Windows Server AppFabric. AppFabric AppFabric provides a set of features for hosting, managing and deploying workflow services: A set of runtime databases for persisting and monitoring the running instances. Persistence services. Hosting of the runtime. Auto-start applications – start the service when the machine starts. Pushing diagnostics information from the hosted services into a...
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PDC 2009 Day 3: What’s New in WCF 4.0

In this PDC session, Ed Pinto, Program Manager at Microsoft, reviewed the many new additions to WCF 4.0. REST and WF services were not covered in this session, as they are covered in other sessions. WCF Configuration Default Endpoints – The WCF team took feedback in and decided to prefer “Convention over Configuration”. This means that if an endpoint is not explicitly configured for your service, a default endpoint will be created whose configuration is set by convention. Default Bindings – It is now possible to specify an unnamed binding configuration, which becomes the default binding configuration for that particular...
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PDC 2009 Day 1: Microsoft Application Server Technologies: Present and Future

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In this PDC session, Anil Nori, Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft’s server application group, presented an overview of the upcoming server technologies coming from Microsoft. 2010 Wave Initially, Anil spoke of the application serer technologies which are due to be released during 2010. .NET 4.0 – WCF & WF .NET 4.0 contains many WCF productivity enhancements, dramatic improvements in WF and deeper integration between WCF and WF. These improvements and modifications are shipped with Visual-Studio 2010, and are mostly known by now since the Visual-Studio 2010 beta 1 phase. AppFabric AppFabric is basically set of services which allows you to write scaled-out distributed applications, which provides...
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