TechBash 2017 – Slide Decks and Code Samples

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This post was originally posted on Stiller on Software TechBash 2017 Last week I had the honor to present two sessions at TechBash 2017. I would like to thank the organizers for having me over, and thank the audience for attending my sessions. Unfortunately, the sessions were not recorded, but you can find the slide decks and links to code samples below. Session 1 - Building an IoT Massive Multiplayer Game in 60 Minutes Session Abstract The realm of Internet of Things (IoT) is quite trendy these days. Take hundreds (or thousands, or millions) of devices, gather information at scale, make educated decisions and...

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Monday, September 18, 2017

This post was originally posted on Stiller on Software Next month is gonna be kind of crazy, or as I like to call it - "Crazy October!". As much as I like public speaking appearances, this upcoming October is gonna be packed with appearances in three major international conferences. TechBash 2017 First up is TechBash taking place on October 4th-6th at the Pocono Manor Kalahari Resort in Pennsylvania, USA. At TechBash I will be speaking in two sessions: Bot-tender: A chat bot walks into a bar - In this session you'll get to know the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service,...

מערכת IoT יעילה עם Azure

Thursday, November 17, 2016

האינטרנט של הדברים (IoT) האינטרנט של הדברים (IoT) ממשיך להתפתח. שנה שעברה אלון פליס כתב מאמר המציג את הנושא ומראה כיצד ניתן להשתמש ב-Azure בשביל לבנות מערכת IoT שלמה. במאמר ההוא, אלון הגדיר מערכת IoT בצורה הבאה - מערכת IoT היא מערכת הכוללת אחד או יותר מהאלמנטים הבאים: מערכת עם סוגים שונים של מכשירים וגלאים. שער כניסה לענן הרץ מקומית בשטח (Local Gateway). אוסף שירותים המאפשרים: רישום מכשירים. ניהול מכשירים. תקשורת בפרוטוקולים שונים. איסוף כמות גבוהה של נתונים בקצב גבוה. ניתוח של המידע בזמן אמת. הסקת מסקנות מהמידע. עם זאת, דברים רבים השתנו מאז שהמאמר ההוא נכתב... Azure IoT מיקרוסופט מספקת כעת מספר...
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IoT at Israeli .NET Developer User Group

Sunday, June 14, 2015

 IoT is Hot IoT gets all the hype these days. It is the new buzzword and soon it will be in every part of our life. But what are the parts that compose an IoT project? What is the correct way to build it? In case you haven’t heard, Tamir Dresher and myself are presenting a lecture this Wednesday at the Israeli .NET Developer User Group on IoT and the cloud – with .NET! In this session we will look at how to build an IoT system using devices, sensors and the Cloud. We will demonstrate working with sensors in C#...
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Upcoming Event: IoT & Cloud

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The area of IoT (Internet of Things) gets all the hype these days. Thousands and even millions of devices sensing the environment and sending continuous information to your system, utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning technologies is no easy task to achieve, but it's not the future - it's already here! This upcoming Monday CodeValue is delivering a CVcon conference on IoT & Cloud. Come join my colleagues and myself, as we explain and deep dive into this interesting and challenging area. Hear what IoT is all about, how Microsoft Azure can help in the process and how it all fits together. Join...