Multitenant Software Architecture on Channel 9

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This post was originally posted on Stiller on Software In continuation to my last post, I noticed that I didn't blog about speaking at NDC Oslo this last June. As part of my speaking engagement, I had the opportunity to interview on Microsoft's Channel 9. Channel 9 For those of you who don't know, Channel 9 is Microsoft's video channel where it publishes technical videos, interviews and live events. Seth Juarez, one of the channel's hosts noticed that I will be speaking at NDC and invited me for a live interview. This is my first interview ever, not to mention that it was...

Slide Deck & Video: Multitenant Software Systems

Monday, December 4, 2017

This post was originally posted on Stiller on Software Well, it has been a while since I spoke at NDC Oslo about multitenant software systems this last June, and I just noticed that I didn't blog about it ever since! I guess that better late than never... NDC Oslo 2017 This last June I had the privilege to speak at NDC Oslo - one of the biggest, most famous developer conferences in the world. I had a great time in Oslo, both while giving my presentation and listening to other speakers. The atmosphere was great, the organization was awesome, and if you...

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Monday, September 18, 2017

This post was originally posted on Stiller on Software Next month is gonna be kind of crazy, or as I like to call it - "Crazy October!". As much as I like public speaking appearances, this upcoming October is gonna be packed with appearances in three major international conferences. TechBash 2017 First up is TechBash taking place on October 4th-6th at the Pocono Manor Kalahari Resort in Pennsylvania, USA. At TechBash I will be speaking in two sessions: Bot-tender: A chat bot walks into a bar - In this session you'll get to know the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service,...

Upcoming Event: IoT & Cloud

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The area of IoT (Internet of Things) gets all the hype these days. Thousands and even millions of devices sensing the environment and sending continuous information to your system, utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning technologies is no easy task to achieve, but it's not the future - it's already here! This upcoming Monday CodeValue is delivering a CVcon conference on IoT & Cloud. Come join my colleagues and myself, as we explain and deep dive into this interesting and challenging area. Hear what IoT is all about, how Microsoft Azure can help in the process and how it all fits together. Join...

DevOps in the Cloud: Slide Deck

Monday, January 20, 2014

I’d like to thank all those who attended last week’s sessions at CodeValue’s open-day “From ALM to DevOps”. I had a good time delivering my session, and I hope you enjoyed it and all other sessions as well. The slide deck from my session is available to view online from SlideShare. DevOps in the Cloud from Eran Stiller If you attended the session and have an open question, feel free to ask. See you next time! The post DevOps in the Cloud: Slide Deck appeared first on Stiller on Software
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Upcoming Event: From ALM to DevOps

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How do companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn achieve high levels of execution which allow implementing hundreds and even thousands of lines of code every day, while maintaining a high & consistent level of performance, security and availability? How can the development and operation environments work together to create a meaningful competitive edge for the organization? In an era where time-to-market and product quality have a critical meaning, the DevOps methodology offers simple and effective ways to shorten schedules, improve the product quality and maintain a competitive edge. During the event, both me any my CodeValue colleagues will present you...
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BUILD 2012 – Day 2

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day number two of BUILD has passed on by with some great content. In this post I’ll highlight some issues I encountered today at some of the professional sessions, which were all related to Windows Azure. You should note that all BUILD sessions are available for free on Channel 9. BUILD Keynote – Windows 8 & Cloud-Connected Apps Today’s keynotes focused on Windows Azure and the various application types it can support, including device centric applications, web centric applications and cloud-scale applications. Many of the demonstrations rehashed some of the last months’ announcements but nonetheless it...

The Role of QA in Failure Analysis

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In response to my previous post on failure analysis, some people argued to me that in their opinion it is the QA’s job to perform a Failure Analysis as part of preparing a test plan, and verify that it does indeed perform as expected by executing the tests. QA? Really?? I ask these people – is it the QA’s job to define the required system functionality? Obviously not, and the required functionality in case of a certain failure is no different! In this context, the QA’s job is to test that the system under test behaves as...
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The Importance of Failure Analysis

Thursday, October 18, 2012

As part of my job as a Senior Software Architect at CodeValue, I architect, design and lead various software projects at different clients. Recently I’ve been asked by one of these clients to perform a failure analysis on a system we have previously built for him in order to make sure that the system behaves well under various, “weird” end-case scenarios which might just happen. The client wanted me to formally define what could go wrong during the system’s operation, define what is the expected behavior of the system when these conditions occur and at last – check if...
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