BUILD, Here We Come!


A new week has begun, and this week is no ordinary week. This week is home to various important technological announcements – Apple has announced its new iPad and iPad Mini, Google is about to announce its new Nexus smartphone and Android version, and Microsoft has publicly released its Windows 8 OS along with its new Surface tablet and is about to announce the new version of the Windows Phone platform. I don’t know if you noticed, but a technology war is raging out there and it’s taking no prisoners! CodeValue @BUILD In an attempt to further...
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.NET Finalize() and Constructor Exceptions


The Finalize() method in .NET is a special method which allows performing cleanup operations when a managed object is being garbage collected. Overriding this method is usually done in order to release unmanaged resources owned by managed object, resources which the .NET garbage collector is unaware of. The Finalize() Riddle As most .NET developers are aware of, when a managed object which overrides the Finalize() method is marked for garbage collection, it is moved to the finalization queue where a dedicated thread executes the cleanup code and then the object can be released. However, consider the...
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The Role of QA in Failure Analysis


In response to my previous post on failure analysis, some people argued to me that in their opinion it is the QA’s job to perform a Failure Analysis as part of preparing a test plan, and verify that it does indeed perform as expected by executing the tests. QA? Really?? I ask these people – is it the QA’s job to define the required system functionality? Obviously not, and the required functionality in case of a certain failure is no different! In this context, the QA’s job is to test that the system under test behaves as...
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The Importance of Failure Analysis


As part of my job as a Senior Software Architect at CodeValue, I architect, design and lead various software projects at different clients. Recently I’ve been asked by one of these clients to perform a failure analysis on a system we have previously built for him in order to make sure that the system behaves well under various, “weird” end-case scenarios which might just happen. The client wanted me to formally define what could go wrong during the system’s operation, define what is the expected behavior of the system when these conditions occur and at last – check if...
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The Name is Stiller. Eran Stiller. (Take 2)


I opened my personal blog about 3 years ago in order to share my experiences as a software consultant and to tell of interesting thoughts and ideas I have. I actually wrote some posts from time to time, but then something happened to me that has unfortunately happened to many other bloggers along the road as well – I stopped blogging… The reasons were various and mostly mundane, but the major reason was that building a company takes a lot of time and effort. As my energies were focused at getting CodeValue up on its feet, I started...
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