CLR Profiling API Lecture Materials


Thank you to all those who attended Alon’s, Pavel’s and mine sessions yesterday at the Windows User-Group at Microsoft Israel. My session focused on an introduction to the CLR Profiling API, and I had a great time presenting it, with interesting questions from the crowd and hardcore C++ and even some inline Assembly (!!). I hope all those who attended enjoyed the session. Feel free to download the source code and lecture slides and have one more look at what we’ve learned yesterday. Go ahead – Profile away!

Upcoming Lecture: The .NET Profiling API & Hosting the .NET CLR


As a veteran software developer, you must have already heard that the CLR can be hosted inside any application. You probably also heard that you can host it yourself, opening the door for many exciting customizations you can perform in the process. However, you might have been a little wary to try and implement it yourself… You also probably used a couple or more code profilers during your professional lifetime, including profilers which handle managed code. These profilers showed you exactly how much CPU you are using and which method is using it, and ultimately directed you towards...
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