Some Links for My WCF Students


Among the many things I do, I teach several courses including C#, .NET Framework, LINQ and WCF, and this post is intended mainly for my WCF students. Of course, feel free to browse the links even if you are not one of my current students โ€“ I promise they include some interesting WCF material. :) WCF 4.0 Samples โ€“ for simple discovery samples, browse the โ€œBasicโ€, โ€œConfigurationโ€ and โ€œAsyncFindโ€ samples under โ€œWCF\Basicโ€. Juval Lowyโ€™s Pub/Sub pattern. Juval Lowyโ€™s article on WCF 4.0 Discovery. Extending WCF. ...
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