WCF in Real Life with Juval Lowy


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This Thursday I had the pleasure to attend a one day seminar on “WCF in Real Life” with Juval Lowy. The day was organized by Gadi Meir, and was composed of discussions on many issues in WCF including:

  • Hosting WCF Services
  • Handling Faults and Errors
  • Extending the WCF Extensions
  • Queued Services
  • WCF 4.0
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus (aka .NET Services Bus)
  • And more…

As always it was very interesting to hear Juval speak and explain his ideas and knowledge, and even though I was already aware of most of what Juval spoke about I still felt I learned a few new tricks.

Discovery Based Pub/Sub Service

The one thing I would like to point out here is Juval’s design of a Publish/Subscribe service based entirely on WCF 4.0 Discovery, creating an entire Pub/Sub service which does not require any explicit Subscribe or Unsubscribe operation.

The basic idea is that the subscribe and unsubscribe operations are performed by the WCF discovery and announcement mechanisms automatically for us, so that all you have to in order to register for notifications is to expose the appropriate service – resulting in a very simple look & feel for users of the framework. Look for an article by Juval on this issue on the next MSDN magazine.

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