PDC 2009 Day 3: Building Hybrid Cloud Applications with Windows Azure and Service Bus


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In this PDC session, Clemens Vasters, Principal Technical Lead at Microsoft, showed how can an existing “regular” distributed enterprise application be migrated to the cloud.


The session revolved around the migrating the DinnerNow.NET sample application into the cloud. DinnerNow.net is a popular Microsoft sample illustrating IIS7, ASP.NET Ajax, LINQ, WCF, WF, WPF, PowerShell and .NET CF.

This demo is interesting since it is an existing application code base which was not designed for the cloud, with parts that cannot run in the cloud (such as the kiosk application) and parts that we don’t want to run in the cloud (such as placing the private client data in SQL Azure). Or, in other words, this is just like your typical home grown application.

This is Hard

Why is this hard? We have a lot of interconnections between different tiers running in the cloud and tiers running locally on-site. For example, the website, which is hosted on the cloud, needs to get profile data which is stored on-site.

The suggested hybrid cloud architecture for the DinnerNow.NET application looks like this:


Connecting Everything

How can we connect between cloud and local tiers? During one of the PDC keynotes, project “Sydney” was announced. “Sydney” is basically a VPN integration into the cloud environment causing your machine to become part of a virtual network. What we want to do here is a more surgical point-to-point connection with “Port Bridge” which allows multiplexed connections on top of TCP or named pipe through a service bus between a Port bridge agent and port bridge service.


The Bottom Line

If you are a software architect dealing with distributed enterprise systems, you should look more into Windows Azure and watch this session’s video once it gets published.

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