IT Super Menu (old HelpDesk Tool)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

IT Super Menu By Haim Cohen 2014 IT Super Menu is old version of Helpdesk Tool. i add some features , fix some bugs, and other changes. Change Log: ========== 03-Sep-2014, v3.7 > add new command: List Installed Windows Updates. > add new command: List Drivers. > Set Temp directory for reporting, C:\ITSuperMenu_Temp. > set unknowerror msg. > change location, from %tmp% to C:\ITSuperMenu_Temp (runas issue). 01-Sep-2014, v3.6 > Modify ASCII Text. > Set %TOOLS%. > add new option: Ping IP range. > add new command: tracert. 31-Aug-2014, v3.5d > Rename this tool, now called: `IT Super Menu` > Modify ASCII Text. > Set one location to all ASCII files. 21-Aug-2014, v3.5c > New Feature - Now when you open Helpdesk...
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