PowerShell: Unlock Active-Directory Users Account

November 23, 2015

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How to: Unlock Active-Directory Users Account via PowerShell

First, open PowerShell in administrator right.

Import Module Active-Directory 

Import-Module ActiveDirectory


Run command Search-ADAccount – LockedOut

Search-ADAccount -LockedOut

If there are any locked accounts, they will be shown like the following example:

2015-11-23 11_29_14-Windows PowerShell

To unlock account(s), add Unlock-ADAccount parameter to basic command

2015-11-23 11_36_30-Windows PowerShell


Search and unlock all account in domain

Search-ADAccount -LockedOut | Unlock-ADAccount

Limit the search to a specific OU,

Search-ADAccount -SearchBase "OU=Users,OU=Skepper,DC=MyDomain,DC=net" -LockedOut | Unlock-ADAccount

Limit search to  Users Only

Search-ADAccount -UsersOnly -LockedOut | Unlock-ADAccount


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