IT Super Menu (old HelpDesk Tool)

September 9, 2014

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IT Super Menu By Haim Cohen 2014


IT Super Menu is old version of Helpdesk Tool.

i add some features , fix some bugs, and other changes.

Change Log:

03-Sep-2014, v3.7
> add new command: List Installed Windows Updates.
> add new command: List Drivers.
> Set Temp directory for reporting, C:\ITSuperMenu_Temp.
> set unknowerror msg.
> change location, from %tmp% to C:\ITSuperMenu_Temp (runas issue).
01-Sep-2014, v3.6
> Modify ASCII Text.
> Set %TOOLS%.
> add new option: Ping IP range.
> add new command: tracert.

31-Aug-2014, v3.5d
> Rename this tool, now called: `IT Super Menu`
> Modify ASCII Text.
> Set one location to all ASCII files.

21-Aug-2014, v3.5c
> New Feature – Now when you open Helpdesk Menu, you can set to open as other user.
> Add ASCII ART-TEXT login banner.
> Add Hide command: ‘..’ Open explorer Helpdesk Menu Folder.

21-Aug-2014, v3.5b
> Fix “Get Serial”, now work with IP and Hostname.
> Fix “Get Printers”, now work with IP and Hostname.
> Modify “Get Serial” to “Get Serial and Manufacturer”
> Add MSTSC /Admin option.
> Add “Port Query” Option to Query another port.
> Modify “Port Query”, now you can query multiple ports.
> Fix “Tasklist and Taskkill” now work with IP and Hostname.
20-Aug-2014, v3.5a
> Add new info: Working Directory shown in title.
> Modify “Open CMD”, Now it`s open and show WHOAMI.
> Add new command: “List Printers on Remote Computer”.
> add new command: “User Domain Info”.
> Add new command “SU”: Run this Menu as other user.
> Add Hide command: EDIT to open helpdesk menu with Notepad
> Add Hide command: EDIT+ to open helpdesk menu with Notepad++

List Command and tools

1. Ping, and Ping a Range.
2. Nslookup.
4. Port Query.
5. Tracert
6. PuTTY (SSH and Telnet Client).
7. Task List and Task Kill Remote Computer.
8. Services Remote Computer.
9. Computer Management Remote Computer.
10. Command Line Remote Computer (PsExec).
11. GPUpdate Remote Computer (PsExec).
12. Get Serial and Manufacturer on Remote Computer.
13. VNC Viewer.
14. Documenting Remote Computer.
15. Get List Printers on Remote Computer.
16. Rename Computer Name Remotely.
17. User Info (domain user).
18. Remote Logged Users, Sessions Query and Logoff.
19. Get Windows Updates Installed on Remote Computer.
20. Get List Devices drivers on Remote Computer.
96. Open Powershell Console.
97. Open CMD Console.
98. Restart Remote Computer
SU. Run IT Super Menu as other user.
G. Open
X. Exit.


Example Print Screen:

Main Menu

IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (1)

Port Query

IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (2)

PuTTY (SSH and Telnet)
IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (3)

Remote Sessions Info
IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (4)

List Windows update on remote computer
IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (5)

List Installed printers on remote computer
IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (6)

Get S/N on remote computer
IT Super Menu by Haim Cohen 2014 (7)


All tools are needed included in RAR file.



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