Which domain controller i connected to ?

December 16, 2013

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Which domain controller I’m connected ? (or how to find domain controller)

In an environment where there are several domain controllers, sometime we want to know which domain controller our computer is connected .

In this post I will show some ways to get the information.

Option-1 Using nltest

Open command prompt with administrative privileges and run:

c:\>nltest /dsgetdc:<domain_name>

you need to replace “domain_name” with your domain (domain.local for example).


Option-2 the SET command

again, open CMD, run SET and Look at the variable called %LOGONSERVER%.

c:\> set


Tip, you can narrow the results relevant line only by run this command:

c:\>set | find “LOGONSERVER”  


c:\>set log

Option-3 echo command

this command will print the value of the environment variable LOGONSERVER giving you the machine name of the domain controller used.

c:\>echo %logonserver%


– Skepper –

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