Lifetime Dev Center Registration for Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8


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A week ago Microsoft announce that she’s dropping her annual fee, Starting September 16, 2014, all Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts in Dev Center will transition to a one-time only Dev Center registration fee. image

Microsoft Announcement

Each developer will still have to pay 19$ but this is for lifetime account, a company will have to 99$ (once), the new entrance will allow you to choose which dashboard you want to enter and from there everything is pretty much the same.

Dropping of annual fees that is the big news for developers, pay 19$ for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but does it really good? From price perspective Microsoft has the best deal, and no doubt this action will bring more apps for Windows Store – but in want cost???

  • Microsoft – 19$/Lifetime
  • Google Developer Console – 25$/Lifetime
  • Apple – 99$/Year

Maybe over the past year Windows Store reduced the gap in common apps that already available in other markets,  It’s no secret and I’m hearing that from many customers that their objective it releasing their apps first to Apple (Apple users like to pay) then Android and they don’t care about Windows Store…..

From their point of view, developing or even adopting (PhoneGap | Xamarin) their apps for Windows 8 doesn’t worth the effort.

Window Store doesn’t get the same urge from developers when it comes to “Time To Market”, I don’t want to get to reasons why customer feels like that,
I do want to talk about what the new annual fee for both accounts will do.

I personally think it’s a bad idea, everyone knows that its all about the Quality, not Quantity – does bringing more and more developers for Windows Store will bring more Quality Apps? I think not – What do you think?

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