TechEd Israel 2008 Session Recordings Are Online

Friday, May 9, 2008

After a long period of anticipation, all session recordings from this year's TechEd Israel are now online!  You can choose between a streamed online WMV and a zipped download for viewing offline. My Next Generation Production Debugging session is there, and I remind you that if you've missed anything in the slides or the live recording, then you should take a look at the post series, featuring a complete walkthrough of what I've shown during the session: Demo 1 - What can be done without a debugger Demos 2-3 - Production debugging basics and memory leaks...

Next Generation Production Debugging: Demo 6

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is the last in a series of posts summarizing my TechEd 2008 presentation titled "Next Generation Production Debugging".  Previous posts in the series: Introduction and first demo (or how to survive without a debugger) Taking dump files and opening them up; analyzing a memory leak Dissecting deadlocks (native and managed) Analyzing an invalid handle situation After spending some quality time with the debugger, analyzing an invalid handle situation, I approached the final demo.  In this particular case, the application is requested to perform some heavy processing operation on a set of images (I called...

Next Generation Production Debugging: Demo 5

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After looking at managed and native deadlock diagnosis, we transitioned to a state of banging our heads against the table, which is a state familiar to many developers from their debugging all-nighters.  How did we get in such a state?  By issuing the modest "Batch Move" command on a set of pictures we wanted to move to a separate folder.  The application responds in a way we have already seen before - it gets completely stuck. If you try deadlock diagnosis using the techniques I've shown earlier (WCT or the SOSEX !dlk extension), you won't find anything useful.  Our...
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Next Generation Production Debugging: Demo 4

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After utilizing WinDbg and SOS to diagnose a memory leak in our application, I shifted focus to a whole different category of problems - deadlocks. By issuing the "Move" command on a particular picture in the client application, the user ends up with a non-responsive UI.  We can't tell for sure whether the reason for the hang is in the UI or in the WCF service being called without forcing our way in with a debugger. However, there's a basic way of diagnosing deadlocks on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, which is built in into the operating system...

Next Generation Production Debugging: Demo 2 and Demo 3

After seeing what can be done without a debugger, it was time to dive in and start experimenting with actual production debugging techniques.  I briefly explained what debugging symbols are (and how you configure your debugger to download symbols for Microsoft product automatically - just set the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable to srv*C:\Symbols*, and continued to demonstrate how a dump file can be generated.  The one thing many people don't know yet is that on any Windows version you can generate a dump with the tools out of the box, without resorting to any external debugging package. On NT 5.2...

Next Generation Production Debugging: Slides, Code and Demo Transcripts (Demo 1)

Monday, April 7, 2008

To each and every one of you who attended my TechEd session - thanks!  There are so many interesting talks and I appreciate the fact you have chosen mine. As I promised, this post is a summary of slides, demo code and the transcripts of each demo I've shown throughout the session.  (As soon as the session recording will be available, I will update this post with a link to it.) I divided the demo transcripts into a series of posts because they are fairly long.  You can find everything I've written regarding the TechEd at the TechEd08 blog...

TechEd Eilat 2008: Keynote and Brainteasers

Sunday, April 6, 2008

This TechEd's keynote featured .NET brainteasers, an idea originally conceived by Amir Shevat.  The idea is interrupting the keynote once in a while, to ask a short technical question.  The answer seems obvious at first, but there's always a catch.  Following today's keynote, here are the two brainteasers I presented and the explanations. Brainteaser #1 What does the following code output in the Release build?  (Note the emphasis.) using System.Threading; static void Main(string args) {     Timer t = new Timer(         delegate { Console.WriteLine(             DateTime.Now.ToString()); },         null, 0, 100);     Console.ReadLine(); } The possible answers...

TechEd Eilat 2008: Less Than Two Hours Left

The TechEd Eilat 2008 is getting closer - the Developers Keynote is less than two hours ahead.  I'm here in Eilat since yesterday afternoon, making sure everything works for my lecture and assisting Yochay (our keynote speaker) with final preparations for the keynote. If you couldn't make it to the TechEd, stay tuned with the TechEd website, featuring live content, blogs, pictures and videos from Eilat. The Live It! spirit is everywhere, and there are so many people working hard for several days to make this huge event possible with the minimal number of glitches.  To...
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TechEd 2008: Next Generation Production Debugging

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My TechEd Eilat 2008 session titled Next Generation Production Debugging (webcast promo link) will be held on Monday, April 7, at 17:30-18:45 in the Hilton hotel. This is going to be a hardcore session where I will strive to show you as many cool tools as possible to make sure you're going to enjoy your production debugging like never before!  We will be looking at a client-server application with dozens of different issues, and learn to: Leverage some non-debugging tools before we dive in and start debugging like there's no tomorrow; ...
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TechEd 2008 (Israel): Next Generation Production Debugging

Friday, February 29, 2008

TechEd Israel 2008 is going to take place on April 6-8, in Eilat (as usual).  By the way, if you haven't registered yet, there might still be some room so hurry up! At the upcoming conference, I will be speaking about production debugging in a session cleverly titled "Next Generation Production Debugging".  I am just about to finalize the list of topics and demos that I will be talking about. To help you decide, some talented people at Sela and you-niversity helped me film a short promo video (about 5 minutes long) introducing myself and the TechEd session.  Feel...