Performance Profiling and Optimization Session at Microsoft

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesterday I delivered a short closed session on performance profiling and optimization at Microsoft Raanana. Thanks to Maor David for hosting this session. Thanks to a very attentive audience I was able to cover all of the following: The pitfalls of micro-benchmarking Performance measurement with the Visual Studio Profiler Instrumentation for production profiling The case of the 250ms delay CPU cache optimization in general, cache collision on SMP Parallelization with C++/AMP The slides are demos...
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Analyzing Memory Leaks from Dump Files with SciTech .NET Memory Profiler

Friday, November 18, 2011

I had to analyze a memory leak the other day and all I was provided by the customer was a couple of dump files from two points in the application’s lifetime—one dump immediately after initialization, and another dump after the memory leak has accumulated. This is an ideal scenario: now “all it takes” is to compare the two dumps and see which objects are “growing” in memory. That’s, of course, if the leak is actually in managed objects—which isn’t always the case (and VMMap is your friend here). Naturally, analyzing memory leaks is not always easy, and even...
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Process Monitor Profiling Support

Sunday, August 28, 2011

If you’re looking for a very simple profiler that will give you a general idea how CPU utilization is distributed in your system, look no further than the latest version of Process Monitor. Under Tools | Profiling Events, you can enable stack trace collection every second or every 100ms for all running processes. The profiling events have an execution stack, exactly like any other event in Process Monitor, and you can gain a quick impression where CPU time is spent and which call stacks are responsible for it. Here’s an example call stack from...
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Session Materials from TechEd 2010: Performance and Debugging in Visual Studio 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The TechEd is finally over. Three days of fun in sunny Eilat with 67 colleagues from Sela and lots of good friends from the industry are done. Thanks a lot for coming to my session—Deep Dive into Performance and Debugging in Visual Studio 2010! I’m not sure when the conference website is going to have the slide decks and demo code, and I promised you a blog post full of resources and links, so here it goes. The slides and demos can be downloaded from here. It might take a little while to figure out the IntelliTrace...
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