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May 3, 2018

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Looking back to 2007, I don’t think I imagined this blog would survive this far. I had an absolute blast writing here and sharing my thoughts and rants with you. Just to be clear, my blog is not going anywhere — it’s just a moment of reminiscence for me as I share a bit of personal news.

Today was my last day at Sela after 11.5 years. If you follow my blog, or if you just check out the archives section, you’ll see that I did a lot of different things over the years. From the deep internals of the .NET runtime on Windows, through cloud services like Azure Media Services, all the way to Linux containers and Java performance optimization, I kept changing focus every year or two and that’s part of what I kept me going for so long: my managers and the entire organization had my back for whatever experiments, ideas, or directions I wanted to pursue at the moment.

Sela was an amazing place to work at, and I was constantly surrounded by top-notch technology experts, good friends and colleagues, and incredibly outgoing and welcoming people — with a very big overlap between these groups 🙂

My next position is a software engineering role at Google Research in Tel-Aviv, where I will be working on machine learning solutions. I don’t know when and where I’ll be able to write more, but I definitely look forward to sharing some of it with you in the future if I can.

Thanks for following me so far, and please feel free to stay in touch — I know some of you are decade-long readers of this blog. My DMs on Twitter are open (@goldshtn), and you can also shoot me an email (same handle, @gmail).

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