Materials from NDC Oslo 2015

July 16, 2015

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It was my first time at NDC Oslo, and my first time inย Norway as well. I was really impressed with the city of Oslo, with the conference venue, with the energy that could be felt all around the halls and expos, and with the great hospitality of the conference organizers.

Oslo Harbor

I’m really looking forward to be back at NDC London or NDC Oslo (and who knows, maybe NDC Australia too?). In the meantime, here are the materials from my two talks, both of which were recorded and are already available online to watch.

Swift: Apple’s New Programming Language for iOS and OS X [slides, demos, video]

An intro talk that explains what Swift is all about, and how it is set to fix some of the more nightmarish language design decisions made in Objective-C. We built a simple demo application and experienced with some of Swift’s more awesomeย language features, such as pattern matching.

Making .NET Applications Faster [slides, demos, video]

This traditional talk explains how to make .NET applications faster through better choice of collection types, improving startup times, andย reducing pressure on the garbage collector. Towards the end I made the joke that finalization is horrible but it’s Java’s fault because C# borrowed it from Java. The audience seemed to have liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

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