Materials From This Year’s First SDP

June 5, 2015

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Another SDP conference is behind us! It’s been an incredible week of brand new technology talks, meeting customers, jogging across the Tel-Aviv beach, and also getting a pretty bad cold from the air conditioning at the conference hotel. We are already hard at work planning the next conference, but in the meantime, here are the materials from my talks this year.

Tel-Aviv Beach, Sunset

Elements of Modern C++ Style [slides]

This talk, based on materials from our Modern C++ course, introduced four key tenets which I believe are fundamental to modern C++ code: letting the compiler help you out (with language features like auto and range-based for), using the STL ubiquitously, forgoing manual resource management, and moving work to compile-time.

Five Cool Things You Never Thought C++ Can Do [slides, code]

In this brand-new talk I decided to showcase a few of the cool things you can do with modern C++ that are at times even hard to believe. For example, you might recall my post from a couple of months ago on a compile-time safe printf implementation. I also talked about Emscripten, dimensional analysis, and a few other cool things you can do in modern C++.

Visual C++ 2015 — What’s In It For Me? [slides]

This talk covered some of the innovation in Visual C++ 2015, including compiler improvements, security features, debugging and diagnostics enhancements, and many others.

Workshop: Monitoring .NET Performance with ETW [labs]

I delivered this workshop for the second time, with some minor changes and improvements. It covers ETW from several perspectives, including semantic logging, using ETW for profiling and memory diagnostics, and even using PerfView to diagnose memory leaks.

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