Wrapping Up DevWeek 2015

April 2, 2015

Just a couple of months ago, I agreed to deliver eight breakout sessions and a full-day workshop at DevWeek 2015. And no, I don’t have any regrets — but it was definitely a very packed week with lots of room changes and, more importantly, context switches from one topic to another. If you’ve been to DevWeek this year, I’m sure you enjoyed it: it’s getting better year over year, and this is my third one so far.

Below you can find the materials for my eight sessions. If you’ve been to my workshop and haven’t got the materials, please contact me privately and I’ll send you the slides and lab files we used.

1. Cool libraries for modern C++ [Slides, Demos]

C++ is more than alive, and the ecosystem is thriving with useful libraries. In this session, I reviewed five useful libraries for C++ developers that are all cross-platform and open-source: Casablanca (C++ REST SDK), Google Test, Intel TBB, Soci, and Protobuf.

2. Automating problem analysis and triage [Slides, Demos]

I said it before, and here it is again: dump analysis has been revolutionized with the ClrMD library. In this session I talked about generating dump files, but mostly about automatic analysis of exceptions, deadlocks, and heap issues using the amazing ClrMD .NET API.

3. Making .NET applications faster [Slides]

In this talk, based on my Pluralsight courses, I talked about some common tips and best practices that can help improve .NET application performance. I talked about custom collections, improving startup time, and reducing GC pressure.

4. What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 [Slides]

This was an overview talk highlighting some of the areas I find interesting in the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 release. Specifically, I focused a lot on the debugger and diagnostics improvements, such as the WPF Timeline Tool and the improvements expected to the IntelliTrace experience.

5. Practical C# 6.0 and beyond [Slides]

Visual Studio 2015 and C# 6.0 are just around the corner, and this was a quick introduction to the new language features along with some guidance on where to apply it. In the demo, I opened the ServiceStack.Redis solution and used some cool language features such as expression-bodied methods, null propagation, and extended await support.

6. RavenDB: the .NET NoSQL database [Slides, Demos]

In this talk I briefly introduced document databases and RavenDB in particular, mentioned some tips for modeling document relationships and denormalization, and then shown a demo including basic DB operations, indexing, and full-text search.

7. Modernising C++ code [Slides]

C++ developers really need to get on the C++11/14 train to even read modern C++ code. In this talk I introduced some of the more important language and library features, such as lambdas and smart pointers, and showed how to use them to modernize C++ code.

8. Dawn of a new era: an open-source .NET [Slides]

This was my last talk at the conference, and probably the hardest one to prepare. I designed it as a series of 19 questions and answers, going from the contribution process to compiling the CoreCLR on Windows and OS X. Hopefully, this talk explained where the .NET Core open-sourcing effort is currently at, and what to look for in the coming months.

Again, thanks a lot for coming, and I’m looking forward to visiting London again for Software Architect later this year, and DevWeek 2016!

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