iOS Gesture Recognition and Animation with Xamarin

March 28, 2014

In the previous post, we looked at Android gesture recognition and animations. This post completes the picture by looking at the same features in iOS. Touch gestures and animations are really cool experiences for users, and iOS ships them out of the box because it is both touch-first and touch-centric, and touch naturally leads to rich, immersive animations. As with Android, Xamarin.iOS very closely mirrors the native Objective C API, so it should be very easy to port the example code below to a native iOS application, should the need arise. Gesture Recognition Every view (UIResponder subclass) on iOS has built-in support...
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Android Gesture Recognition and Animation with Xamarin

March 20, 2014

In this post we'll take a look at how to recognize simple and complex touch gestures in an Android application and apply animations to views on screen. Touch gestures are a fundamental way for users to interact with mobile applications, and animations are key to designing a pleasant user experience. As with all other Xamarin APIs, the native (Java) versions are very similar, so it should be easy to port the examples below to Java if you need to. Let's get started with recognizing gestures. Gesture Recognition Android's support for touch begins with the onTouchEvent method that every View-derived class can override....
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“Attacking Web Applications” at O’Reilly Fluent

March 12, 2014

I've just finished my presentation "Attacking Web Applications" at O'Reilly Fluent, a web developers' conference in San Francisco. I've really enjoyed the conference atmosphere and had some great conversations. If you were at my talk, thanks a lot for coming! (I'd also really appreciate it if you rate the session and provide any feedback in the comments.) Here are the slides: Attacking Web Applications from Sasha Goldshtein The basic premise of this talk is that web developers need to be aware of the way attackers think and operate. It isn't enough to be familiar with common attacks on the theoretical...
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Back to Basics: Regular Expressions and Formal Languages

March 6, 2014

Regular expressions are a very powerful tool to have on your toolbelt. They have an arcane syntax and often end up looking like a random stream of characters, but they can save you a lot of time parsing and interpreting text. Here are some problems that you can solve with regular expressions: Find a list of phone numbers in a large text file Check that a user-provided email address is valid Verify that a password meets custom strength requirements Locate all outgoing links in an HTML document Modify all <img src="..."> tags to refer to an HTTPS address In this post I'd like to take...