Canada Tour 2014: Toronto User Groups and ConFoo

February 28, 2014

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I spent a great week in Canada despite the super-cold weather for my taste. After all, in Israel, sub-freezing temperatures are enough of a reason to cancel school and bring public transportation to a halt. So for me, stepping outside in -15 degree weather was pretty much of a shock.

The week started with three days in Toronto, visiting the Sela Canada branch and delivering two talks at user groups – an introduction to Android development with Eclipse and Xamarin, and an introduction to Node.js on Windows Azure.

Then, I flew in to ConFoo, a conference for web developers in Montreal. I gave three talks at the conference: an introduction to iOS development, an introduction to Android development, and an introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services. If you were in all three talks, you got a starting point for developing iOS and Android apps and supporting them with a Windows Azure backend.

Here are the links to the slides and demos for each of these talks:

Toronto TechHub User Group – Introduction to Android Development with Eclipse and Xamarin
Slides, Demos

North Toronto .NET User Group – Node.js on Windows Azure
Slides, Demos

ConFoo – First Steps in iOS Development
Slides, Demos

ConFoo – First Steps in Android Development
Slides, Demos

ConFoo – Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services
Slides, Demos

I really enjoyed this week in Canada. Tomorrow I’m flying back home, not before I will try to explore the Montreal underground city. Anything that doesn’t force me to go outside, really. Thanks Canada for your hospitality!

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