Back To Basics: COM Interop and No-PIA

December 28, 2013

Almost every week, I meet developers who hate COM. Some hate it with the heat of a million suns. Some have never used it, but heard horror stories from grey-haired colleagues. Other survivors still remember their experience fighting ATL linker errors in Visual C++ 6.0. And you know what, you can hate COM all you want. But it's a little like hating electricity. Or the Internet. Because -- on Windows -- COM powers almost everything. Office. The Windows Shell. This beautiful cozy Windows Runtime APIs that you're enjoying from JavaScript and C#. And did you know that the .NET...
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Windows Azure Mobile Services Webinar [Hebrew]

December 24, 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving a one-hour webinar on Windows Azure Mobile Services. If you follow my blog, you already know that this is one of the technologies I am most excited about. In the webinar, we covered the basic capabilities such as data access, push, and authentication, and had time to discuss some additional (newer) features like Custom API and Notification Hubs. We have mostly seen demos from Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but the backend we built is also perfectly capable of dealing with iOS and Android clients. The demo app I used is my good...
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Workshops at Sela Developer Practice, December 2013: Improving .NET Performance and .NET/C++ Interop Crash Course

December 19, 2013

In addition to my three breakout sessions, I've also had the pleasure of delivering two workshops at the Sela Developer Practice: Improving .NET Performance and .NET/C++ Interop Crash Course. Although these workshops are quite time-tested, I always try to add new materials and tools to make them more interesting for both myself and the audience. There's also constant interest in these topics -- I had 110 people registered for the performance workshop and more than 40 people at the interop course. In the performance workshop, we cover various performance measurement tools. I always try to squeeze in new tools in...
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Talks from Sela Developer Practice, December 2013: State of the Platforms, Native Mobile Apps, Xamarin, IntelliTrace, And More

Organizing two major conferences every year can have you pretty much drained by the end of it. Especially if you also speak at these conferences. This December, I've had to pleasure of presenting and co-presenting 3 breakout sessions and 2 workshops at the Sela Developer Practice, the biggest conference in Israel covering the Microsoft development stack. The conference started with me missing the first day because -- wait for it -- I was snowed in, in Jerusalem. The biggest snowstorm in over 60 years hit the Jerusalem area during the weekend, and on Sunday morning my street was covered with...
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Seven Travel Tips By a Weary Conference Speaker

December 4, 2013

2013 has been an incredible year. I've spoken at 9 conferences and attended another 3, as well as delivered a huge number of courses in Israel and abroad. Incidentally, I have also flown 120,000 miles and spent 2 months in airports and hotel rooms. This post is a list of travel tips and advice for easier, lighter, and more efficient travel. Don't expect anything incredibly novel -- I'm definitely not the first to put together a list like this -- but you might find some of the ideas useful. 1. Pack Light It took me way too many flights to understand...
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