Talk from Visual Studio Live! Orlando: Windows Azure Media Services

November 20, 2013


This morning, I gave a talk on Windows Azure Media Services at Visual Studio Live! Orlando. This is my fourth Visual Studio Live! conference this year, but the first time this session was selected for the conference agenda. It’s based on my experiences from the last year or so, that I spent understanding customers’ needs and tailoring custom solutions and POC applications that use Windows Azure Media Services.

In the talk, we looked at the basic feature set of Windows Azure Media Services: video on demand, managing media assets, encoding assets to a variety of output formats including smooth streaming, and delivering smooth streaming content to different client devices. Towards the end of the talk we also discussed a content management system that you’d have to build on top of the raw Windows Azure Media Service portal and SDK. You can find the demo code here — it demonstrates basic upload/encode/deliver features, and also has a full end-to-end solution that can be hosted in Windows Azure to upload, encode, and display your content. The end-to-end-solution consists of an ASP.NET web site hosted in Windows Azure to which you upload your content; the ASP.NET application then queues a job to a Worker Role that handles communication with Windows Azure Media Services and updates the job’s status in an Azure Storage Table.

Thank you for coming to the session, and if you have any related questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Windows Azure Media Services is a very interesting offering that is continuing to evolve, and I am looking forward to more interesting features being introduced, such as live streaming and RTSP support.

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