Speculating About Microsoft’s Project N

November 25, 2013

Project N has been making the headlines for a few days after a mysterious demo showing startup times for the Fresh Paint Windows Store app improving considerably when magically compiled with "Project N" technology. In this post I'll try to speculate on the very little information that has been disclosed publicly, hoping to shed light on what this project could be. Please note that although I have just come back from the MVP Summit, the text below is not based on any discussions or information from Microsoft. No NDA material has made it into this post. Pretty much the only "official"...

Talk from Visual Studio Live! Orlando: Introduction to RavenDB

November 20, 2013

This afternoon I presented an introductory session on RavenDB at Visual Studio Live! Orlando. In case you haven't seen it before, RavenDB is a NoSQL, document-oriented database, with a first-class .NET SDK including LINQ query support and super-powerful indexing capabilities. In this talk, which I've delivered for the first time at Visual Studio Live!, I wanted to provide a gentle introduction to SQL but mostly focus on RavenDB and show off some of its cooler features along with its support for simple CRUD operations and LINQ queries. You can find the sample application we developed during the talk here. It...
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Talk from Visual Studio Live! Orlando: Windows Azure Media Services

This morning, I gave a talk on Windows Azure Media Services at Visual Studio Live! Orlando. This is my fourth Visual Studio Live! conference this year, but the first time this session was selected for the conference agenda. It's based on my experiences from the last year or so, that I spent understanding customers' needs and tailoring custom solutions and POC applications that use Windows Azure Media Services. In the talk, we looked at the basic feature set of Windows Azure Media Services: video on demand, managing media assets, encoding assets to a variety of output formats including smooth streaming,...

Visual C++ Compiler November 2013 CTP

November 19, 2013

As part of its faster release cadence, Microsoft just released a CTP of the Visual C++ compiler that incorporates more features from the official C++11 standard, the almost-official C++14 standard, and a couple of Microsoft-specific language extensions. It's available for download here and you can start using it in Visual Studio 2013 by switching the Platform Toolset to CTP_Nov2013. The VC blog covers the basics of what changed. In this post, I would like to illustrate some of these changes with concise examples. This is not an exhaustive list of every added feature; these are just the ones I...
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Back to Basics: Mastering Visual Studio Breakpoints

November 12, 2013

I know what youโ€™re thinking right now. Breakpoints? Seriously? Whatโ€™s there to master about breakpoints? You hit F9 and then you stop at the line of code. If thatโ€™s what youโ€™re thinking, this post is for you: read on :-) Visual Studio offers a fairly rich set of breakpoint types and actions that can make your debugging experience more comfortable and productive. We will look at four kinds of breakpoints in this post. Conditional Breakpoints When defining a breakpoint, you can associate it with a condition (right-click the breakpoint and choose...
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Modern Garbage Collection in Theory and Practice

November 5, 2013

Last week I delivered a very interesting session on modern garbage collection. Usually, I only get the opportunity to talk about GC in very specific contexts, such as .NET internals or performance optimization. This time, I was invited to give a talk on garbage collection theory and its practical applications in modern managed languages โ€“ which made for super-interesting preparation! In the course of preparing for the talk I brought myself up to speed with the recent development in JVM garbage collectors as well as approaches taken by other managed languages such as Ruby and Python. Although there...
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