Windows Azure Mobile Services "Rent a Home" Sample, Part 2: UI and Data

March 31, 2013

In the previous installment, we saw the general UI of the application. We'll now turn to see how that UI was implemented on all four platforms. If you're looking for a quick start or documentation on Mobile Services, you should take a look at the Windows Azure Mobile Developer Center. Android The model class for apartment listings on Android is the following: public class Apartment implements Serializable { private int id; private String address; private boolean published; private int bedrooms; private double latitude; private double longitude; private String username; //Getters and setters omitted...

Windows Azure Mobile Services "Rent a Home" Sample, Part 1: Introduction

March 29, 2013

For my Visual Studio Live! talk on Windows Azure Mobile Services, I decided to go beyond the "todolist" quick start samples and implement an application that illustrates more framework-specific and platform-specific features. The application is called "Rent a Home", and helps users share apartments for rent and view apartments for rent on a map around their location. Although this is not a production quality application -- for one thing, there is no way to contact the apartment owner! -- it's a more realistic illustration of why you would want a shared backend for your mobile application on all four...

Wish List for the Visual Studio Editor and Debugger: Drawing Inspiration from Other IDEs

March 11, 2013

One of the benefits of using more than one development platform, more than one IDE, and more than one debugger is that you gain a better understanding of what your personal ideal development workflow looks like. It might well be the case that no single tool provides every feature you're excited about, which is what I feel these days. Because Visual Studio is my long-time (since 1999) favorite IDE and debugger, here are some features from other tools I'd like to see integrated in Visual Studio. Inspired by command-line debuggers, like WinDbg/GDB/DDD/DBX Command-line debuggers...

Wishes for the CLR JIT in the 2020s

March 3, 2013

There have been some very interesting discussions at the MVP Summit concerning the CLR JIT, what we expect of it, and how to evolve it forward. I obviously can't disclose any NDA materials, but what I can do is share my hopes and dreams for the JIT, going forward. This is not a terribly popular subject, but there are some UserVoice suggestions around the JIT, such as adding SIMD support to C#. The state of the JIT today is that it's a fairly quick compiler that does a fairly bad job at optimization. There are some tricks it employs that...