BUILD Day 1: My Summary

October 31, 2012

After nerve-wrecking last minute flight changes, I made it to BUILD on Monday and heroically spent almost 2 hours in the registration queue. After a good night’s sleep, we regrouped for the first day’s keynote. Another long line, and we were sitting in the third row! Ishai Ram, Alon Levi, Noam Kfir – 3rd row of the keynote hall. Steve Ballmer and others – Day 1 Keynote Surprisingly, Steve Ballmer himself kicked off the keynote with an incredible amount of energy. Although he didn’t jump up and down screaming...
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BUILD 2012, SELA Is Coming!

October 27, 2012

The BUILD conference is right behind the corner, and SELA is coming! This year we have a delegation of nine experts traveling to BUILD, some arriving earlier or staying later for additional engagements. Here’s our lineup for this conference: Noam Sheffer, a Senior Architect at SELA, loves gadgets and can talk to you on pretty much anything, ranging from C++ driver development to Windows Azure and Windows 8 best practices. ...
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Windows Azure UG Talk: Node.js on Azure

October 24, 2012

Last Monday, I gave a talk on Node.js with Windows Azure at the Israel Windows Azure User Group. First of all, I find it incredible that the group meets every month and discusses the latest developments in cloud computing from Microsoft. I was delighted to see a group of enthusiasts open to learning about new technologies – I preached JavaScript and Node to C# developers, after all :-) Node.js on Azure from Sasha Goldshtein My talk covered the basics of using Node.js, fundamentals of the express framework and then some modules such as nstore,...
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Diagnosing Memory Leaks in Managed Windows Store Apps

October 15, 2012

There is so much material on the web (and even on this blog) about memory leak diagnostics in managed code, and a considerable number of tools that make diagnostics increasingly easier. Modern memory profilers can open application dumps, attach to live processes, display live memory graphs, compare snapshots, identify problematic retention patterns, and so much more. Unfortunately, these tools presently don’t work with Windows Store apps. Moreover, the UI model of Windows Store apps poses a significant challenge in diagnosing many UI-related memory leaks, such as composite UI controls retaining objects embedded in them, or UI elements retaining...

DevReach 2012: Task and Data Parallelism

October 5, 2012

Thanks for attending my DevReach session on task and data parallelism! We discussed the APIs available to you in the Task Parallel Library and how to avoid common pitfalls and squeeze performance from seemingly difficult to parallelize algorithms. Among the topics we covered: Measuring concurrency using the Visual Studio Concurrency Visualizer Extracting parallelism from recursive algorithms Symmetric data processing and uneven work distribution Dependency management with continuations Synchronization avoidance with aggregation and creative solutions...
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DevReach 2012: Garbage Collection Performance Tips

October 4, 2012

Thanks for attending my DevReach session on garbage collection performance tips! This is one of my favorite subjects, and I found it very hard to cover it well in just under one hour. Still, we discussed the general inner workings of the garbage collector and highlighted several best practices for improving your application performance. Among the topics we covered: Switching GC flavors and understanding server, concurrent, and background GC Finding long-lived objects and allocation sources with CLR Profiler Detecting virtual address space...
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Why App Stores Are a Necessary Evil

October 1, 2012

I’ve just read an article on International Digital Times that laments the impossibility of distributing a Windows Store app externally, without using the Windows Store. Setting aside the oxymoron for a moment (distributing a Windows Store app through something that is not the Windows Store :-)), this is not as bad as the author thinks it is. In fact, I sometimes get the feeling that people are bashing Windows 8 and the Windows Store not for its merits or disadvantages, but out of a “someone moved my cheese” feeling. The Installation Model The author...