Slides from the Third Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group Meeting

June 26, 2012

On Sunday we hosted the third meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group. My presentation on generics in Java, .NET and C++ is below, and Noam’s presentation on the Windows Azure new features can be found in the Windows Azure Training Kit (June 2012 refresh), which I strongly recommend. Thanks for coming, and see you at the next meeting! Generics in .NET, C++ and Java
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Micro-Benchmarking Done Wrong, And For The Wrong Reasons

June 22, 2012

This is a short excerpt from Chapter 2 (Performance Measurement) of Pro .NET Performance, scheduled to appear in August 2012. I might be publishing a few more of these before and after the book is out. The purpose is to determine “which is faster”—using the is keyword and then casting to the desired type, or using the as keyword and relying on the result. Here’s a test class for this comparison I’ve seen lately: //Test class class Employee {   public void Work() {} ...

Sessions From SELA C++ Conference: “The Style of C++ 11” and “The Future of C++”

June 18, 2012

Thanks for coming to my talks today at SELA’s C++ conference! It’s been a great audience and there was lots of interest in the new standard and what’s still coming ahead. There are still two more conference days ahead of us, and it’s great C++ born again! You can view my two talks below. The Style of C++ 11 The Future of C++ View more presentations from Sasha Goldshtein. I am posting short updates and links on Twitter as well as on this blog. You can follow me: @goldshtn
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Visual Studio 2012 C++ Auto-Parallelizer

June 17, 2012

As you might have gathered from some scarce reports on the Web and the initial list of new features in Visual Studio 2012, the new C++ compiler is now capable of automatically vectorizing loop bodies—a feature I’ve already covered here, and also automatically parallelizing them using multiple threads. Here’s an example. Consider the classic prime number calculation loop, designed to count the number of primes in a given range: __declspec(noinline) bool is_prime(int n) {     for (int x = 2; x < n; ++x) {        ...
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Third Meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group

June 14, 2012

The third meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group is going to be on June 24, and we’ll be shifting our focus slightly to the .NET side. We’re having Noam Sheffer talk about all the cool new features in Windows Azure with a bunch of hands-on demos, and then yours truly will talk about the implementation of generics in .NET, C++ and Java. If you’re a developer in the Jerusalem area, you really should come. The full agenda is the following: 18:00-18:15 - Networking and Refreshments 18:15-19:15 - Hands-On With The New Windows Azure...
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Choosing a Collection Is a Matter of Cache, Too

June 7, 2012

This is a short excerpt from Chapter 5 (Collections and Generics) of Pro .NET Performance, scheduled to appear in August 2012. I might be publishing a few more of these before and after the book is out. Choosing the right collection is not only about its performance considerations. The way data are laid out in memory is often more critical to CPU-bound applications than any other criterion, and collections affect this layout greatly. The main factor behind carefully examining data layout in memory is the CPU cache. Modern systems ship with large main memories. Eight GB of...

SELA C++ Conference Is Near!

June 3, 2012

I just realized that I completely forgot to tell you about the C++ conference we’ve having in the middle of June. Basically, we realized that there’s a lot of latent interest in C++ – what with the “C++ renaissance” – that we are not tapping into with our SDP conferences. Even though the last SDP had sessions on C++11 and debugging C++ applications, we felt there was room for more. At the C++ conference on June 18-20, we have two parts, as usual: a day of breakout sessions at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Tel-Aviv, and...
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