Slides from the First Jerusalem .NET/C++ Meeting

March 25, 2012

Last Tuesday we hosted the first meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group. I forgot to take pictures, but we were a nice group of hardcore C++ developers eager to learn about the new C++ 11 features, debugging C++ code in production, and some memory management tricks relevant for C++ real-time applications. As promised, below are the presentations from the event. My presentation on C++11 covers lambdas, auto variables, rvalue references and even touches briefly on the subject of variadic templates: C++11 View more presentations from goldshtn. Noam Sheffer’s presentation covers the...
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Virtual Method Dispatch and Object Layout Changes in CLR 4.0

March 15, 2012

As part of the upcoming Pro .NET Performance book, there’s quite a bit of research we need to do on various facets of CLR internals. During my research for the Type Internals chapter I discovered a change in CLR object layout and virtual method dispatch as of CLR 4.0 – possibly not the most exciting of changes but one that invalidates most of the existing material on this subject, such as the popular JIT and Run article or the Advanced .NET Debugging book. First, a quick overview of how reference type instances are laid out on the heap....

Pro .NET Performance

March 13, 2012

It is customary to apologize for a prolonged blog silence, so here goes: I’ve been very busy with three extremely interesting projects, one of which is the SELA Developer Practice that is very near. Here’s another: It’s been more than five years since I wrote a SELA course called Effective C#, which quickly turned to another course called .NET Performance. Since then, I trained this course dozens of times, spoke about performance optimization at conferences, delivered a one-day summary at several tutorials and workshops. All along I was thinking that there is no single decent textbook that combines...