Dear Team Lead, You Are Not Doing Agile If…

August 30, 2011


…Your sprint planning meeting begins with a condescending description of what The Methodology looks like, and ends with “meet me here at 4PM – you will be assigned tasks and pairs”.

…You switch task management tools every week, never failing to surprise your developers and upper management. (Hint: more tools is not necessarily better. Bugs on the whiteboard, tasks in Excel, projects in TFS, and resource scheduling in a custom tool is confusing.)

…You have a heterogeneous team with young developers and you don’t do code reviews. (And still, you find the audacity to complain about bugs introduced due to lack of experience.)

…You do testing in production. (Oh, I mentioned this one before.)

…You have continuous integration and nightly builds, but the nightly builds never run and the CI build always fails. (“Only these 200 tests keep failing every time” – not an excuse. Commenting out failing tests – not an excuse.)

What do you say, dear readers? What are your favorite “You are not doing agile if…” moments?

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  1. ripper234August 30, 2011 ב 2:54 PM

    …You find yourself with 30 people in the daily standup, where every one of them only cares about what 0-3 other people have to say, and plays Angry Birds the rest of the DSM.

  2. Dennis DoomenAugust 30, 2011 ב 4:26 PM

    …You refer to this state of mind as “Doing Agile” rather than “Being Agile”

  3. benAugust 31, 2011 ב 5:40 AM

    “Bugs on the whiteboard, tasks in Excel, projects in TFS, and resource scheduling in a custom tool is confusing”

    So what tool do you use?

  4. Sasha GoldshteinAugust 31, 2011 ב 7:50 AM

    @ben – I like TFS (for everything), but I don’t mind any other tool as long as I don’t have to switch every week or use 5 different tools on the same project.

  5. benAugust 31, 2011 ב 11:56 AM

    @sasha thanks! That list you had sounds almost exactly like what we were using… right down to the custom resourcing tool!

  6. TimSeptember 2, 2011 ב 9:13 PM

    Your developers are relieved if the standup is cancelled for the day.