PSSCor2: Miscellaneous Commands

September 15, 2010

Previously, we’ve seen how PSSCor2 enhances the GC heap analysis experience. In this final installment, we’ll look at some additional commands that I couldn’t group together with anything else. One awesome SOS command that you should be familiar with is !SaveModule. This command takes a module address from a dump file and saves the result to a DLL (or EXE) that you can open with Reflector or ILDASM. It means that even if you don’t have the original assemblies, you can use a full dump to extract them to disk and open them. PSSCor2 introduces the !SaveAllModules command,...
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What Did My Manifest Do: A Referral Was Returned from the Server

September 2, 2010

The UAC section of an application’s manifest contains two simple settings under the <requestedExecutionLevel> element of the <requestedPrivileges> node: level – asInvoker, requireAdministrator, or highestAvailable. This setting controls whether the application will require elevation before it runs. uiAccess – true or false. This setting determines whether the application will exempt from UIPI rules introduced as part of the Windows Integrity Mechanism. If you really need the uiAccess element (and you should be really convinced that you understand why you need it before proceeding), then your application must be signed, and...
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