Great News: WCF MOC and XNA Windows Phone 7 Labs

August 24, 2010

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This is just a quick post to let you know about two important accomplishments we at Sela had in the past few days.


In a few days, the WCF 4.0 MOC 10263A (Microsoft Official Course) is going to be released to training centers all over the world. This course was developed by Sela from scratch, and I’ve been a fly on the wall during its production process. (Well, to tell you the truth, I did quite a bit of technical editing work on this project, which has certainly earned me some hate from the content producers :-))

Taking part in this project was really an incredible experience. The level of attention to detail required, the technical depth, the vast amount of labs and code samples, the gigantic, 1,300-page student handbook full of reference material—made the development of this course much more complex but also much more satisfying.

This course’s eight modules cover most of the ground for novice WCF developers, but also provides a great deal of technical material for more experienced WCF programmers. Ido has already delivered a Beta cycle of this course, and the feedback has been excellent. It’s a great pride to know that our materials will be used to teach a large number of people the official way of using WCF.

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Create games for Windows Phone 7

The second big thing we have going on right now is a set of Windows Phone 7 labs, demos, samples, and articles for the XNA Creators Club. There’s a large team at Sela led by Alex Golesh working on incredibly interesting educational material that shows you how to write XNA games for Windows Phone 7.

Some of the stuff you can already find online includes articles on gestures and 2D assets, sound, music and orientation samples, and an awesome game development labs. (This is a great opportunity to remind you that if you haven’t got a chance to play around with the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools yet, you should certainly do so!)

This project is not done yet—there’s still lots of work ahead, so stay tuned for more labs, articles, and samples. As Windows Phone 7 is nearing its announced release date, there will be a great amount of content produced by Sela that you can leverage to start writing your next application for the new platform.

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