Windows 7 How-To Videos: Introduction to the Windows 7 Taskbar

As part of our work on the Windows 7 training materials, I recorded 23 short how-to videos explaining how to use the new Windows 7 features from managed code (often using the Windows API Code Pack) and from native code. Our Sela team, including Alon, Dima, Arik, and many others, collaborated on the slide decks, demo code, and other aspects of these recordings. The first installment of these videos is already live on Channel 9—you can download or watch online six videos about the Windows 7 taskbar. As you might...
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DevAcademy4 Session: Watch the Video and Download the Slides and Demos

March 27, 2010

I promised you that my DevAcademy4 session will be recorded and available online shortly after the conference. Well, the conference was a blast, and the video recording, slides, and demos are all available online. Everyone who had to stand me for over 60 minutes in the packed session hall—thanks a lot for coming, and I hope you had fun! If there’s anything at all that you would like to follow up on, feel free to use the contact form. It might take a while before the materials are available at the official Microsoft DevAcademy4 website, so in...
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DevAcademy4 Session: Parallel Programming in .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

March 20, 2010

Sorry for the late announcement, but on Monday I’m going to present a session called Parallel Programming in .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 at the Microsoft Developer Academy 4 (Avenue, Airport City). There are six (!) Sela speakers at the conference: Gil Fink, Alex Golesh, Shai Raiten, Alon Fliess, Noam King, and yours truly—and I’m sure they are going to rock, so take a look at the conference schedule to see which sessions you want to attend. I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun for the ones who are planning to come to my talk, but...