Concurrent Programming MSDN Event

April 4, 2009


Last Monday (March 30) I had the pleasure of presenting an MSDN event at Microsoft Raanana on the subject of Concurrent Programming.  The idea was to show the design patterns, methodology and fundamentals of concurrency and parallelism in applications.

An opening line (which I also used for the summary) which I really liked was along the lines of “we’ve been resisting object-oriented programming 20 years ago, so it’s only natural that we resist concurrent programming now”.  I really think that, given the design patterns, architectural differences and programming style imposed by concurrent applications, the paradigm shift expecting all of us is not smaller than the shift imposed by object-oriented programming and design.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank everyone who was there for coming, and to give you a way to download the presentation that I used, from my SkyDrive.

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  1. AsafShellyApril 5, 2009 ב 1:30 AM

    I know that it is not something that people like these days but I’m still saying it:
    OOD is dead. OOP is still here.
    OOD does not have a definition of a task, operation, or process. Old school C had a definition of a Procedure. It used a function to implement a procedure just as C++ uses a class to implement objects.
    Today we need to design our systems using tasks, then implement with objects. OOD is long gone. good bye…

    Best Regards,

  2. aviadeApril 6, 2009 ב 1:19 AM

    I was at the lecture, it was very educational and I enjoyed it very much,

    Hoping to still hear from you now that you are MVP!