The Joy of the HomeGroup

January 24, 2009

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You might have heard about this feature before: HomeGroups bring easy home networking back into Windows.  No more complicated setup steps, transferring settings between computers on USB sticks and praying that the firewall configuration allows Joe’s PC to access Jane’s laptop.

I won’t reiterate everything that has already been said – the above link is an exhaustive explanation of what a homegroup is and how it works.  Just wanted to share with you that I am using a homegroup at home between my 3 (and counting) machines running Windows 7, and that the sharing experience couldn’t be any more convenient.  The integration into Windows Explorer is seamless, which is what makes it such a great deal:

imageAnd the nicest feature of all is that when I’m home, the HomeGroup node is part of the tree and when I’m not, it’s not – the same applies to library locations, the search interface and so on.

Another thing is that a homegroup works even on a domain-joined PC.  E.g. my laptop is part of a domain, so other machines in my home can’t see the corporate documents, but the laptop can see outside and use all shared media, documents and information that are part of the homegroup.

This is highly convenient even for me, and I never had too much trouble configuring networking around my home.  Imagine what an incredible feature this is for less computer-savvy users.

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one comment

  1. NoamJanuary 30, 2009 ב 7:14 PM

    The annoying thing about HomeGroup is that all machines must be Windows7.

    I at home got couple of machines that won’t be able to run Windows7 (They hardly run XP not to mention Vista) due to lack of device drivers for Vista/Windows7 or due to being just to old.

    I didn’t find any statement about adding HomeGroup to existing OS like Vista/XP or even add it to “Windows Home Server” where its much needed.