PDC Day 3: What’s Coming in CLR 4.0 (Part 2)

October 30, 2008

In part 1 we looked at CLR side-by-side support for multiple versions, at interoperability-related features and at DLR-related changes in the CLR. There have been various complaints about performance aspects of the CLR that are sometimes neglected - the installation experience, the startup experience and the GC latency experience for high-performance applications.  This feedback will be addressed in CLR 4.0: The .NET installer can be branded and customized, and begins with a 200K bootstrapper.  Downloading, installing and NGEN-ing the framework all occur in parallel, enabling a faster setup experience with less clicks to install. Startup improvements (around cold...

PDC Day 3: What’s Coming in CLR 4.0 (Part 1)

Joshua Goodman's session on CLR futures was packed - the crowd of developers wanted to learn what's been cooking under the hood for the past couple of years.  Without a major CLR upgrade since 2005 (CLR 2.0), we all had our appetites whetted. So to begin with, Joshua announced that as of 4.0, multiple versions of the CLR can be hosted in the same process.  For example, an application leveraging CLR 4.0 will run on top of CLR 4.0, but will be able to load and interact with a module that requires CLR 2.0 and will run on top...
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PDC Day 1: No-PIA, or Type Equivalence and Type Embedding

October 29, 2008

The first session I attended on the first day of PDC was Misha Shneerson's presentation on a feature affectionately called No-PIA, or formally enabled by type equivalence and type embedding. The primary motivation for this feature is to simplify COM interoperability scenarios and improve their performance, but it is useful for managed-to-managed applications as well, particularly those with extensibility requirements. What No-PIA means in brief is that instead of generating an interop assembly or using a primary interop assembly supplied by the COM component vendor, you can embed the required interop types into your own assembly.  This is similar...
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PDC Day 1: The Future of C#

October 28, 2008

Even though there are 7 people from Sela at the PDC (impressive considering the Israeli delegation size of around 20 people), we all have very different interests when it comes to choosing a session to attend.  However, we were decisively unanimous when it came to Anders Hejlsberg's session titled The Future of C#. Anders Hejlsberg is just that - Anders Hejlsberg.  In an amazing presentation he covered the future of C# - what's going to be in the upcoming C# 4.0 release and what the future blueprints for C# vNextNext are going to be. I'm sure this is going...
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PDC Pre-Conference: Concurrent and Parallel Programming

October 26, 2008

Today I finally started the business-related (but still entertaining!) part of my trip - the PDC pre-conference day.  I attended the track on concurrent and parallel programming, which was led by Stephen Toub, David Callahan and Joe Duffy. All in all, there was nothing astonishingly new in the talk - they covered parallelism and concurrency in general (and established a common vocabulary), threads in Windows, in .NET in particular, discussed the Asynchronous Programming Model (APM - a.k.a. Delegate.BeginInvoke) and at the end of the talk there was some time to discuss the Parallel Extensions for .NET, which will be...
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Pre-PDC Trip Impressions So Far

October 9, 2008

I'm sorry again for not letting you know in advance - Dina (my significant other) and I went on a trip to the US last Wednesday.  We arrived in New York last Wednesday and spent the last week wandering around Manhattan's museums, restaurants and other attractions. I'm not going to tell you about the standard attractions in exasperating detail, but I figure that a recommendation for some inexpensive breakfasts and lunches won't do any harm.  Basically, we built our dining itinerary around the Frommers' guide recommendations, with minor alterations here and there.  Bear in mind that we stayed on...
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