Why I Was So Silent: Sela Uploads Eight Courses to Microsoft Courseware Library

September 17, 2008

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I am delighted to announce that the reason for my complete silence in the past couple of weeks is that Sela has uploaded eight courses to the Microsoft Courseware Library, a community-driven training delivery portal.

I managed the technical aspects of the project, including a major rewriting of several of the courses and an intensive editing and reviewing process of the others.

What we finally uploaded just a few days ago (still pending the CWL compliance process) are the following courses:

  • Silverlight – A unique 3-day class diving deep into developing rich Internet applications with Silverlight.  This course was developed by Alex Golesh.
  • Essential WPF – One of our best-selling courses, this 6-day class offers an exhaustive examination of WPF features, including advanced topics such as threading and interoperability with legacy technologies.  This course was developed by Tomer Shamam.
  • LINQ via C# 3.0 – A brand new 3-day course that explains the motivation behind LINQ and delves into the various LINQ frameworks: LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL, with an overview of the Entity Framework, Data Services and Parallel LINQ – all using the latest features of C# 3.0.  This course was developed by me, based on materials by Ariel Ben-Horesh and Josh Reuben.
  • .NET Performance – My favorite course (I’ve taught it for the 22nd time today!) – 3 or 4 days packed with .NET internals, high-performance application development, insight into best practices for .NET memory management and other exciting topics for expert .NET developers.  This course was developed (guess) by me.
  • Windows Internals for Developers and Windows Internals for IT Professionals – This pair of 5-day courses is unique in the way they go deep into the internals of the Windows operating system, unveiling internal data structures, troubleshooting techniques, performance tips and tricks and hardcore debugging sessions (the course is based in part on the Windows Internals book).  This course was developed by Alon Fliess and me, based on materials by Victor Zigdon.
  • C# 2.0 and C# 3.0 – Entry-level 5- and 6-day courses into the C# language and the .NET Framework for developers with background and experience in an object-oriented language (preferably C++).  These courses were revised to a point of an almost complete rewrite by Alon Fliess and me.

I’m very excited about having these courses on the Microsoft Courseware Library – it exposes the extremely high level of our technological courses to the entire international training partner community.

If you’re reading this and would like to receive more information on these courses and what’s planned next for Sela courses in the CWL, drop me a comment via the contact form.

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