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July 9, 2008

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imageAs part of our continuous effort to maintain the highest level of professional expertise among our consultants, Sela Technology Center‘s elite team of 25 professionals has been invited to a private training course consisting of 24 evenings taught by our best consultants and instructors.

This training course is unique in the level of participation exhibited by the attendees, in the technological breadth and depth of the covered topics, and in the attempt to cover all recently released Microsoft technologies to achieve a uniform level of expertise across our entire consulting team.  It is not a set of TechEd-style one-hour lectures; it is a full spectrum of courses aimed to achieve the highest level of involvement and comprehension.

Every session is recorded from the lecturer’s computer (screen capture) and a video camera focusing on the lecturer and the class.  The sessions are streamed live to Sela consultants who couldn’t attend the class in person, and can be viewed later from our online course archive.

Among the subjects we have chosen to include in this unique offering are:

  • C# 3.0 and LINQ with an eye toward Data Services and Entity Framework
  • SOA, WCF, WF and Workflow Services with an eye toward OSLO
  • MOSS 2007
  • .NET Performance and Internals
  • Hardcore Production Debugging

The last two topics will be taught by yours truly – I will attempt to cover the material from the .NET Performance and .NET Debugging courses I’ve authored in a 4-evening series of concise meetings.

The first meeting was yesterday, with Alon Fliess (Sela CTO and VC++ MVP) covering the C# 3.0 language enhancements, motivation and design patterns.  Alon also spoke about our open-source projects that have recently been released, with the Non-Paged CLR Host among them.

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