Session Slides and Demo – DEV323 Windows Server 2008

November 27, 2007

After several repetitions and preparations, Alon and I finally presented our level-300 session introducing the Windows Server 2008 operating system and the new mechanisms which should be interesting for developers.  We would like to thank everyone for coming to the session (by the way, the video should be available for download from Microsoft's web site shortly).  Presenting together wasn't an easy task, but I feel that the coordination and dynamics between Alon and I were beneficial to our presentation. Take a look at the DEV323 Session Slides and Demo Code to see what mechanisms you're missing if you...
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Session Slides and Demo – DEV409 Psychic Performance and Debugging 101

If you missed the lecture, you can always tune to the video recording. A few hours after my level-400 presentation on performance and debugging, I think I can conclude that it went great.  I would like to thank everyone for coming to the session; and for those of you who didn't have a seat available and went to see another session - hopefully soon enough the video will be available for download from Microsoft's web site. For now, you can take a look at the DEV409 Session Slides and Demo Code (in Office 2007 format; you...
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Developers Academy II: DEV409 Psychic Performance and Debugging 101

November 21, 2007

I prepared a deck of slides for the upcoming Developers Academy (November 27, Airport City). You can find it at the following link, the ZIP is approximately 4.75MB and it contains a PowerPoint presentation in Office 2003 (PPT) format.  (I wasn't able to upload it to the blog, so I resorted to a third-party file hosting service.  Please bear with me/them for the annoying 30-seconds delay, and the possibly slow download speed.)  This download link will become unavailable in 14 days (December 6). There was something wrong with the upload service I used.  Please use this...

On the Risks of Labeling – "Premature Optimization"

November 6, 2007

This post really got me.  The writer describes a system design conversation, when one of the arguments is that inheritance in .NET is a possible cause of performance degradation.  The author then continues to test this "degradation" using the following setup (deduced from the original post): class Animal {    private int _legs;    public virtual int Legs { get { return _legs; }}class Dog : Animal { }...foreach (Animal a in animals) {    int i = a.Legs;}foreach (Dog d in dogs) {    int i = d.Legs;} He then thoughtfully concludes that inheritance has no performance impact, in view of his measurements....

The Point of No Return

November 5, 2007

Sometimes there's this point in debugging an issue when you can't take it anymore.  You've tried to diagnose the bastard from every possible perspective, try out various configurations, use brute-force binary elimination, whatever.  It just doesn't help.  And as it often gets with these particularly nasty bugs, it only gets worse over time.  Was it easy to reproduce it when you started?  It's no longer easy.  Could you work offline on your own machine and fix the issue for the customer?  Now it works smoothly on your laptop; this hardly makes the customer happy if it doesn't work on...

Developer Academy II (Reloaded)

November 3, 2007

A terribly short and out of band post to attract your attention to the Developer Academy II, taking place at the Airport City (Israel), on November 27. I'll be conducting two sessions: Psychic Debugging and Performance 101 (400 level), and Windows Server 2008 (300 level).  The latter session will be a joint one with Alon Fliess (Sela CTO and VC++ MVP).  I might also hold a quick jam session on native debugging/troubleshooting, but it's undecided yet. It's still hard to determine exactly what I'm going to be covering in these 75-minute sessions, but here's a preliminary lists of thoughts...
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