My SDP 13 sessions demo code

7 במאי 2013

Sela Developer Practice for 2013 is finishing it’s breakout sessions stage, and I had three fun sessions:

  • Things Every Developer Most Know about HTTP
  • Big-Time: Introducing HDInsight service (Hadoop on Azure)
  • Get your Node.js Under Control with TypeScript

I had great time, and would like to thank all attendees for attending my sessions. You can find my demo’s code in my Sky Drive.

Next on Thursday, I have a full day workshop on Node.js, with lot’s of good stuff planned like: Express and hosting node (on premises and in Windows Azure). I also want to thank two of my colleagues who help me develop the workshop:

  • Eyal Ben-Ivri – who help me develop the hosting module (and is among other things a Linux ninja).
  • Danny Vernovsky – who is going to join me in the workshop and talk about

So hope to see you there,


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