BUILD 2012 – Day 1

1 בנובמבר 2012


This year's BUILD
opening gave me a great opportunity to put aside the need to deal with our
travel arrangements affected by hurricane Sandy. Steve Ballmer gave what is in
my mind his best keynote ever. I am not a client guy and the new Windows 8 user
experience will not affect most of my day-to-day use of command-line but in the
time passed from last year's BUILD windows 8 really matured and it feels nice
to meet windows at both ends of this journey.

BUILD 2012 keynote

 Steve Ballmer (Photography by Bnaya Eshet)

Getting a new
Surface tablet and a Nokia Lumia 920 helped keeping me excited throughout the
day. Another announcement  that got me
all excited was the fact that the Microsoft music streaming service is going to
be free on all Windows 8 devices.

Other than that  the day was really more client side oriented
and left me filled with expectations  for
day two where the cloud sessions really start.

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  1. Cristiano16 בינואר 2013 ב 20:28

    That's cleared my tuhogths. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Aberashe19 בינואר 2013 ב 7:36

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so srtiaghtfrowrad.

  3. Carantonas19 בינואר 2013 ב 7:36

    Wow! That's a rlaely neat answer!