Windows Azure Community Israel – Here We Go…

6 ביוני 2012

A while ago I posted about my busy June, speaking in two major conferences NDC Oslo (I’m actually posting this from Oslo right now)Windows-Azure-Logo-New and QCon New-York. Well June just got even more special for me. On the 25th we are kicking off the Israeli Windows Azure Community that is being managed by Gal Kogman and yours truly. The community is going to meet every month on Monday of the forth week, in ILDC hertzelia.

This community is special for me. I’ve been working for a while now to create a home for Windows Azure developers in Israel (both online in our msdn forum and now physically) and it is nice to see that vision comes alive, with a lot of help from the guys at Microsoft Israel.

For our grand opening we have Noam King over as well as lot’s of cool new things lined up, but we just can’t tell you about them quite yet Smile. So for now just register here for the event and keep following us.

See you there


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