Demos and slides of Responsive UI session

Friday, February 20, 2015

Demos and slides of Responsive UI session   Yesterday, I delivered a session about responsive UI. I wish to thank all attendees who came despite the stormy weather and hope you’veall managed to get home safely. As promised, You can all get the demo codes here You may view the slides here below or directly on SlideShare Responsive ui from Ran Wahle
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Page and Iframe communication with postMessages

Sunday, November 17, 2013

  I was interviewed in a company that deals with advertizing. They asked me a question I didn’t get right, seeking for a way to determine whether a commercial, located in an <iframe>, is on thevisible screen or not. So, what do you do after you don’t get the right answer to the question? Go and find it. So I did. In HTML5, on of its API is a method named postMessage. This methodenables window objects (such as iframes) to communicate with one another. With this API the solution is quite simple: When loaded ,the hosted frame can send...
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