Accessibility: Using WAVE extension for Firefox

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Accessibility: Using WAVE extension for Firefox   Two issues I came across regarding developing web apps that supports accessibility are knowing the guidelines along with lack of tools that can check the actual page generated by our application and provide as with meaningful information on how to fix accessibility errors. Visual Studio validation disabilities Visual studio has, since it’s 2005 version, a tool for accessibility check on web pages. however, it cannot discover errors caused by HTML generated in our code behind, in our or 3rd party’s custom controls and of course not on elements generated in JavaScript using DOM manipulations or...
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Accessibility presentation at SRL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Accessibility presentation at SRL On Tuesday, January 6th, I held a presentation on the monthly SRL .Net developer meeting. The theam was accessibility which is n area I've become aware aboutjust recently. We've heard a site in screen reader, talked about accessibility in general,  whatis it good for? for whom? What are the main things to take not account whilebuilding an  accessible application or making old one accessible, and presentedsome testing tools at the end.  You can download my presentation (PDF format) from here
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