What to do when Visual Studio 2015 hangs while loading a solution

10 בMarch 2016

From time to time, my visual studio got stuck, in previous versions I used to erase the <solution>.suo filehowever on visual studio 2015 I couldn’t find one.   I couldn’t find it because Visual Studio started behaving like other IDEs and put its solution user option file among other in a subfolder. So the .suo file moved to <Solution Dir>\.vs\<Solution Name>\v14\.suo (no file name, just the extension)   Erasing the SUO file has brought my Visual Studio on its feet again, however, what actually caused it to hang was the fact that I left too many files opened, but...
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Self Hosting a secured ASP.Net Web API

3 בMarch 2016

  Recently I had to build a self-hosted service that needs also to be contacted via SSL. I’ve found a few guides on the internet however they weren’t updated to the Owin.SelfHost so I’ve decided to write one of my own.   So, Here it is. 1, On your service you need to have a startup class, the same as you might have on your ASP.Net application.  There is nothing different between a regular and secured service. public class Startup { // This code configures Web API. The Startup class is specified as a type // parameter in the WebApp.Start method. public void Configuration(IAppBuilder appBuilder) { // Configure Web API for self-host. HttpConfiguration config =...
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JSON.tryParse with Promise

9 בSeptember 2015

JSON.parse is a method you must have used one or twice. And you must remember that it raises exception, as almost every parsing string in case the string comes in a wrong format. So, how about having a function that returns promise, so you can safely parse JSON's  and receive its result on the promise's "then" method. Here's some small code example: JSON.tryParse('{"a" : 1}').then(function(result) { //do something with the result }, function(error) { //do something with the error }); And here's the link to its gist: https://gist.github.com/ranwahle/2d38730af21909dd70a2
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My SDP sessions demo code and slides

4 בJune 2015

This week I’ve had the honor of delivering one workshop and two breakout sessions at Sela Developer Practice . I wish to thank all attendees. Here are links to all slides and demos 1. angularJs from 0 to 60  workshop: Slides and Demo code     The presentation is based on a presentation written by Moshe Levy   2. What’s new in angularJs 2.0 Slides and Demo codes   3. Introduction to WebComponents Slides and Demo code      Thank you all and see you all at the upcoming conventions.  
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Demos and slides of Responsive UI session

20 בFebruary 2015

Demos and slides of Responsive UI session   Yesterday, I delivered a session about responsive UI. I wish to thank all attendees who came despite the stormy weather and hope you’veall managed to get home safely. As promised, You can all get the demo codes here You may view the slides here below or directly on SlideShare Responsive ui from Ran Wahle
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Reading GPS data using exif-Js

7 בJanuary 2015

Reading GPS data using exif-Js   Recently I was asked to get location data (latitude & longitude) from an image file. So I’m here to share with you exif-js library  which I came across with so I can easily read location data from an image file. EXIF stands fro Exchangeable Image file Format which is the standard for image files enables as to extract meta data from the image along with the image itself.Some of the meta data relates to the location the image was taken, assuming that it was taken with a GPS  or another location tracking...