Angular quick tip – Put declarations before exports

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is a very short post about exporting component from angular module. On your NgModule decorator, you should assign the declarations before your export member otherwise when trying to use your exported components/ directives / pipes, you will encounter an error message of unknown element / attribute. Remember this, it can save you valuable time.
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Slides and demo codes from WDCIL meetup

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yesterday I’ve had the honor of speaking at WDC-IL neetup about async patterns in javascript. I wish to thank all attendees and WDC-IL for having me.   All demos presented on the meetup are available here You may view the slides here:  
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Angular 2.0 Http client quick tip for firefox

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

  When getting HTTP response from a REST API using Angular 2.0 HTTP client you will probably won’t mess around with your request headers. You’ll probably count on the service to return a JSON formatted response,  subscribeto this response and go ahead using it’s .json()  method which will use JSON.parse of your browser API.   However, while this solution works fine using chrome,  Firefox behave differently. While in chrome, the HTTP Accept headers will be */* , on Firefox it will put text/html,application/xhtml+xmlwhich basically will cause your server side to return its response in XML form.   Therefore...
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