What to do when Visual Studio 2015 hangs while loading a solution

10 בMarch 2016

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From time to time, my visual studio got stuck, in previous versions I used to erase the <solution>.suo file
however on visual studio 2015 I couldn’t find one.


I couldn’t find it because Visual Studio started behaving like other IDEs and put its solution user option file among other
in a subfolder. So the .suo file moved to <Solution Dir>\.vs\<Solution Name>\v14\.suo (no file name, just the extension)


Erasing the SUO file has brought my Visual Studio on its feet again, however, what actually caused it to hang was the
fact that I left too many files opened, but that is another story.


For those of you who uses another IDEs (like WebStorm or ther JetBrains IDEs) it may sound familiar as
they have their .idea folder   under the project’s root folder.

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