signalR 2.0 took my MapHubs away

25 בJuly 2013

Those of you who have used signalR from it’s first version and hosted it on web application, probably know that they have to call the MapHubs extension method of RouteCollection, as shown here: protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) { RouteTable.Routes.MapHubs(); } Those of you who has started trying out signalR version 2.0 must have noticed that the extension method has gone. Instead you ...

Readme file error on SignalR SelfHost package

When installing Microsoft.SignalR.SelfHost package, there was, as in any SignalR nuget package a readme file opened. However, this time there’s an error in the file that caused me an hour of head-scratching.   The readme suggested you call the self-hosted web application as the following: (Copied from the readme file)   using System; using Microsoft.Owin.Hosting; namespace MyWebApplication { ...
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My session at the first meetup, slide deck and demos

16 בJuly 2013

Yesterday, I’ve had the honor of giving the second session at the first meetup session. My session was after Gil Fink’s who talked about javascript object patterns. In the session, I introduced breezeJs library and showed its core features of managing data. You can download my session’s slide deck and demos here . I wish to thank Gil for organizing this new group. I hope this community will become wider. Later this month, (July 29th) I will be speaking at...
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